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It is the time of my life when I am being bombarded to be mindful. A book my friend gave me, ‘Full catastrophe living’ by Jon Kabat-Zinn addresses stress with mindfulness. A naturopathy yoga workshop online asks me to eat mindfully, observe mindfully, walk mindfully…

This is the moment. The only moment we have. Not the one behind or the one ahead. it is so easy to acknowledge, but difficult to live it. Constantly we are thinking of some moment ahead or past even as we are at work in offices or homes. Even when engrossed at work, ti is not exactly being mindful because most times we are doing things mechanically, without being aware of what we do.

I realised how difficult it is to sit and eat a fruit or bowl of rice slowly. The constant background music playing is ‘that needs to be done, i must ask S about that, did i pay R’ and before I know the pace of eating has gone back to normal stuffing and gobbling.

Doing things slowly, and consciously, is so so difficult. Though it is really very simple. Because of our habits! The deceleration can even bring a headache.

But I have begun to see the fruits of this labour. Whether it be in doing a body scan from head to toe, or in walking slowly but deliberately, aware of every part of the body, or in relishing nature’s bounty in a water melon, there is joy. Also in the act, like a child learning to walk, and also in being present fully.

I suddenly find I hardly need a roti or two to fill my stomach. I begin to relate to forgotten parts of the body while stretching and observing. And for some reason, there is a thrilling joy in these moments.

It is akin to decluttering a room. Keeping the mind free of thoughts and staying alert and alive this moment. Like a bird or bat that takes a nap and stays alert lest it fall down.

It is time to go slow perhaps. To stop thinking the world would collapse if I did not worry or do my bit. It is  time to enjoy being and the immense power that comes with being at peace.

Nothing really matters but to live in this moment. I am almost there, not fully yet.



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