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Schools must have a counsellor who makes it a point to talk to the students rather than wait for them to come. Left to them, no child will feel the need to go talk to someone but when the person approaches them and talks, taps can run for hours.

At a recent programme conducted by a community development NGO, I was witness to school children chattering non-stop to their elder peers, medicos. In the one-to one that took place, many children evinced surprise and joy that someone wanted to talk to them and know things about them!

Sore pointer to times when no parent has time for talk. Blame it on gadgets or simply a fast-paced life, fact remains. No one is talking in most homes. Instead, the television is running and inmates are busy communicating with people not present there. No wonder one young teenager said so happily after the event, “Nobody has shown interest in my life and what I like to do!”

Another survey conducted among students studying for professional courses turned up quite a few results in which the respondent said bleakly of not feeling loved by anyone!

As our world turns more and more outwards and distant, bringing remote and exotic places and lives to our homes, the fascination with technology binds everyone across all ages. Advance of technology cannot be halted as many experts have warned. But it is up to us to direct its use.

Even more important is the need to train our younger generations to look inwards for peace and joy. Give them a glimpse of the unlimited joy within so that they do not go seeking that from the outside world. So that they do not need affirmation from outside. So that they do not take away their lives based on poor performance as judged by the world.

A holistic education where each child is acknowledged for his/her gifts is the need of the hour. And a real person who can talk to them and encourage them and console them. It is a fragile age.





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