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It was just by chance one day we noticed an unusual clump of leaves outside my study. It looked like they had been stitched together at the ends to form a pouch and this was filled with some white feathery, cottony stuff.

In a day or two, again by chance we saw the builders visit the site. Two tiny birds, brownish green and one had a nice pretty smudge of pink on its head. Tailor birds we learnt. They had given us the blessed joy of watching new lives take wing.


It has been a few weeks since then. The pair keep coming with their sharp pointed beaks carrying food, mostly some insect remains and dropping them into the nest. There is no sound or heads to be seen inside the nest from where we are watching (a feet away inside the house and not disturbing them). But for sure there are tiny tots in there as evidenced by the heaving of the nest at times. Tiny lives being fed regularly and watched over.

Once dusk drops the cover, all is quiet but till then the pair almost bring the neighbourhood down with their sharp calls. More so, when one goes missing!

I am drawing from human comparisons in imagining it was the female today who went on an agitation, chirping in non-stop calls to the missing partner. Perhaps the playful Lothario had given the slip to chase another birdie! Seeing that tailor birds are common in India.

Nevertheless, the bird calls went on for 20 minutes and as I watched the little one hop from tree to tree, calling out fervently, my heart ached. My soul was soothing the tiny creature’s stressed throat and I was praying that the errant partner come back fast.


In some time, he was back and all was quiet again.

As I wait for a glimpse of the baby birds, I hope the cat in the street stays away. The nest is not beyond its reach but I am praying my dog’s presence will keep it at bay. I have tried slipping a few seeds, rice and even a dead bee close to the nest, but no takers. Either the parents haven’t seen it or it just doesn’t qualify for their brood.

Days pass. In frenzied activity that humans have mastered. I stop now and then by the window to check on the big day when a few tiny birds take their first steps into the world.  What joy it is.



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