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There is nothing as clear and vivid as the polarisation in Indian society today. Not between the haves and have-nots. Not between the genders. Not between ruled and rulers. But between the so-called Left and Right in politics! Sad as it is, people no longer seem to be able to discern between good and bad. Everything is based on who is behind the move, which party.

Depending on which side you align with, anything the other does is seen suspiciously as a conspiracy against people. This is clear now with the demonetisation initiative. Those who support do so wholeheartedly without reservations. So also the other side, oppose with no reservations. In this divided, biased society truth is the first casualty. The rulers/politicians know the masses and how to manipulate them.

Try it out yourself. Anyone who supports the move is most likely a BJP supporter and anyone who opposes belong to the Congress or Left. There are none outside the definitions of party affiliations. If centre or left, you simply have to attack and tear down anything Modi and his folks do. If right, you see a virtue in everything he does. There are no doubting in-betweens anymore. How sorely we miss them.

Why cannot we look at each issue by itself and for its worth, rather than examine the labels for who is doing what??

In India especially, this polarisation has been led by a perceived or otherwise notion of minority appeasement for long by the Congress and Left. Into this gap plunged the BJP and became the upholder of the ‘majority’ rights. Much as Trump has emerged as saviour of the original (sic) Americans.

Since then nothing is grey anymore. You are with us or them. Chances are you will find very few Christians or Muslims voting BJP. So also, except for the ‘intellectuals’ bred mostly in Leftist educational corridors, the Hindu masses identify with the saviour BJP.

Was this desired? Such a polarisation based on religion? In an already divided and communally troubled country.

Since it’s all water under the bridge, what we can do now is to become alert and aware of how politicians manipulate us to suit their needs. Examine each issue in the country critically with god-given ability. We need to sever the chains that bind us to political parties and become free citizens. And clap for Modi or Manmohan or even Kejriwal and Rahul according to the good they do.

You may well ask if we are equipped to analyse complex issues like demonetisation and Kashmir independence without help from the intellectuals. The track record shows how blinded they are most times by their political affiliations. Why not in good old journalistic fashion listen to two sides, and then take a stand based on our own critical thinking? Surely we can rely that much on our faculties? Do we need someone to tell us who is a patriot and who a desh drohi? Finally, time will tell if it was about black money or black intentions.


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