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A brush of a cloud

A brush of a cloud

At Tiruvannamalai, that was an unbelievable splash of cloud on the hill top.


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Eco-spiritual awakening

I was once again at Tiruvannamalai, believed to be the spiritual centre of the world according to some people. In answer to an unexplainable pull, I had come again seeking the grace of Ramana Maharishi in my pursuit of self-realisation.

Seated in the hall enclosing the Maharishi’s samadhi, it felt magically peaceful amidst all the noise and chanting going on. From there to the Virupaksha cave where he meditated for 17 years was another wish fulfilled. The experience is beyond words, anwyway for me. Did i feel energy vibrations? Did i feel anything? I do not know. All I can say is it felt very satisfying…

And I know I will be going back there many more times if I can.

But alongside such spiritual seekings, another awakening happened. As I walked thorugh the filthy town with its food waste, plastic and sewage in places mingling, I was filled with an amazement that humans could live amidst this, and live contentedly! In places it was difficult to discern if it was a human or a dog curled up fast asleep on the footpath.

And then a thought struck me – this is how the whole planet will look after a few decades. Given the way we are consuming things in a frenzy and creating waste even more faster, earth will be no more than an over-spilling dustbin. Unless…

We stop. And for that we need an awakening. Something that tells us this is home, all of it. Not just a few square feet we have apportioned off and keep meticulously clean. If we can keep it as clean as we do our ‘homes’, if we can go slow on our mindless consumption and check our wastes, maybe the dustbin won’t overflow. 

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