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Beyond words

Deepak Chopra’s take on the missing years in the life of Jesus┬áis worth more than a read. Amazingly, the book fell into my lap after a subconscious wish to know more about Jesus, on re-watching Benhur!

Die-hard followers of Christ may not appreciate this human take on the messiah, but reading the book got me as close as I have felt to Jesus. Maybe it was the depiction of his doubts, vulnerabilities, etc but the Jesus that emerges is one who brings home the possibility of realising the divine within all of us.

There truly is so much in this world beyond the dry, crisp logic and rationale of science. So much that does not meet the senses or the tools of experiment. Call it an overlying all-encompassing fabric of consiousness, or God, or Light, people have percieved it in many ways. They cannot all be charlatans.

It is the most unimaginative, most staid part of us that refuses to acknowledge a life beyond the seen. We have many of us had glimpses of a world much bigger than the material cosmos. It could have been just a matter of minutes, but there have been those moments of a larger scape.

That perhaps is also why death begins to become just another word…




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