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So beautiful

Sunrise at Shivanasamudra

Yet a big gap and i return to blog. What do i see? The layout or design or whatever the geeks call it has changed and it takes me time to find my way in! Warning enough that next time i may not find the way back..

Hmm.. and what have i been so busy doing? Actually, it is no-doing mostly i have indulged in.. besides the monotonous motions of life, i have not been busy like many of my friends with their action-packed lives have been….

The pace has been slow… activities mostly yoga, reading, and yes taking care of a new family member, our labrador cross pup. He has infused new life into the house, what with chewing up and eating anything he comes upon. Casettes and slippers and stones and mud and…. it has been a cleaner’s job for me! Cleaning up after him….

Somewhere in between the calendar popped out a date and everyone said i was 50! Not that i feel any older than when i was 5, but well, it is time to take stock of what i have been up to in these 50 years…

Did i make a difference to anyone? Is that what life is about? Or did i know myself a bit better every passing year? is that more important? Did i live life fully or at least a bit more than the last year?.. i cannot say yes to any of those tho the attempts were there!

Meanwhile some earthly concerns took up my time…. whether it was Tiruvannmalai i managed to visit after a long time in my spiritual quest, or Shivasamudram i went with family to soak in nature, what greeted me was mounds and mounds of plastic and waste scattered around… In a place that should be proud of being the ‘spiritual centre’ or the other where nature roars in all resplendent glory, how do people feel like tossing their waste so carelessly? How? how? i feel like shouting out the question… how can you??

It brings me back to my sorrow about the way we humans are turning this beautiful planet into a vast compost bin (sorry, as Gopal says it is not compostable. We are converting the planet into a messy wastebin that threatens to engulf it).  Can we not stop a second before buying any thing to ask do we really need it? And so also, before throwing away something, can we recycle or reuse it? The next time you toss something away, just stop and visualise the planet with a small heap growing big by the second….

This is a beautiful opportunity this life (as they say in Hindu lore, even the gods envy humans who have a chance to self realise) and this is a beautiful planet. Let us do the best we can, not the worst.


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