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Good to be back

It’s been a long time and a lot of dusting of cobwebs of the mind to be done! Much water and space have flowed along… many changes outside and many more inside…

What better a day to start again than the day dedicated to Environment?

A marathon in Bangalore saw large participation. But does it mean people are more aware of environment or is it more an entertainment? The latter probably, given that degradation continues and civil society is mostly silent except for a few who have made protests their profession!

Trees fall silently by the roadside giving way to expanding traffic. Water is plumbed recklessly from the ground below and wasted generously. More cars, more gadgets enter our homes.

A recent study from IISc showed that decrease in vegetation in Bangalore has led to the increase in carbon emission as the city’s vegetation has declined to 12 per cent (in 2010) from 71 per cent (in 1973).

One way to take comfort is to say ‘this too will pass’! If as a race we are to survive, we have to change. Whether we do it voluntarily or are forced into it by nature remains to be seen.

Meanwhile, I am just back from an interesting workshop on Science and Spirituality held at Navdarshanam in the outskirts of Bangalore. Revisiting my tryst with quantum physics during college, but looking with a new perspective at the missing blanks, and the enigmas of duality, of dubious existence, etc was invigorating for the mind.

But the mind is but a subtler form of matter. Food for the mind will inevitably keep it excited and buzzing. My seeking to quieten continues.. perhaps a visit to Tiruvannamalai may help, though I wonder. Does one need to go any place to find the inner truth? After all, what is space and time but mere projections…


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