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More than a machine?

Even a machine can crave! What a typical human thought! It was when watching an episode of good old Star Trek with Capt Kirk, Spock and team that science fiction threw up a philosophical possibility…

Just four hours from the earth’s orbit, the starship encounters an alien machine which draws its ‘carbon unitlings’ (humans) into a daunting world of machinery and processing and data storage. Here they find the central machine in quest of its ‘creator’! And why??

The machine called V’Ger (and discovered to be none other than nasa’s own Voyager 6) has seen it all, done it all and is now bored. Such a typical earthly predicament! It now wants to find its creator and merge with ‘it’! In order to learn new possibilities!

If that doesn’t sound like some eastern philosophy, what does? How often i have felt such a boredom encompass me, and wanting to find something more than what the sensual world reveals. So much information can be had at a click of a button, but suddenly seems so petty, so so boring. How like VGer i have yearned to read the mind of the creator, and see the future! Just like a machine we do the basic functions written into our processing units, but one fine day, we just refuse to go on. Gimme more!

And yet again, it is not all of us who  feel this restlessness. Why? So many, in fact a whopping majority, are content amassing wealth, indulging in revelries, and planning a future of the same. Does it make people like me seem mad? A malfunctioning machine?

There is no joy left in simply plodding along.. even if seeing things in a fresh light every day, as Osho advises! This urge to stretch beyond reach threatens to disrupt peace of everyday joys…


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Worshipping the body

It was a cardio check-up that gave me a glimpse of what some Zen masters mean when they say ‘this very body is the Buddha, this very earth the lotus paradise’.

After sweating it out on the treadmill, i was now watching an echo cardiogram of my four chambered pumping machine! As i watched the screen, i was overwhelmed by a wave of gratitude for my heart. i fell in love with my heart, finally.

What an amazing apparatus, what amazing energy, what responsibility… i was almost in tears of thankfulness for being alive, thanks to my heart.

So often in our pursuit for ‘higher’ things we tend to neglect our body. We admire and venerate people torturing their bodies and overcoming the ‘slavery’.

How false it all seems to be when you stop and think. Not intellectual stuff, but practical. Where would we be without our bodies? How can we practise love and compassion to others if we abuse what is nearest to us, as the Zen masters say.

It was my heart that set me thinking, and now, i take time to take more care of this body than i have done. i do not hesitate to thank my legs and hands that have done so much for me. the opportunities they have opened for me, the experiences possible.

If that sounds a bit mad, does not matter. As Osho used to advise, one of the best ways to get rid of unwanted emotions is simply to talk to the wall!

 In our pursuit of the world hereafter, how we ignore this life. Ironically, most times this is during spiritual pursuit. But most realised people always spoke of the here and now, rather than anywhere else, or any other time.  Simply being aware 100 percent is true meditation. And how difficult that is, you bet!  Try it out and see.

When you walk, simply walk. Focus on your steps, on the air you breathe. When you eat, only eat. Keep all other thoughts at bay. You will notice that this is easy when at work that calls for attention. Which is why perhaps they said work is worship. Any physical activity that requires concentration is meditation. But the moment you relax, doing nothing, in flow the thoughts and you are no more aware what you are doing.

Keep at it, and somewhere along the way you will get a peek into the infinite, the Buddhas say.

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