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Take a deep breath…. and let go… gently… ­čÖé Well the last 21 days have been a slow dance performance with my breath, thanks to the Chopra online meditation programme. Did I enjoy it! I intend to continue this dance with the universe for the rest of my life, that’s sure.

What do we ultimately seek? Beyond all our material and emotional desires – simply to love more, and be happy. That is our essence as all isms will concur. We often fail to recognise these two truths, and run behind illusions. How simple it is to be at peace when we focus on these!

I remember days when I used to be hooked on Carl Sagan books and thrilled in reading the physical story of the universe, there used to be a thought when I read about the background microwave radiation. The primordial radiation left from the Big Bang. I used to fantasise┬áthat this was nothing compared to the ‘radiation’ we the human race can exude – the radiation of unconditional, unexpectant love. That is all that is truly ours. our signature….

I still believe that when we have wiped ourselves out, and paved way for the next race, we will be leaving behind the aroma of love. Erased will be our hatred, pettiness, resentments, etc…

The universe will manage that.


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