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Let it be

Plants die if left unwatered. Homes get shabby when left untendered. Blogs lie by the cyberside unnoticed if unpeppered! Hearts get heavy when uncared.

Why? Why does everything need attention? Effort… Is effort at the heart of all success? I have often deliberated on that, unsuccessfully. Good things in life don’t need effort. Like love. It just keeps flowing. Why then do we need to make an effort at most everything else? Right from school up to retirement…

In this clash between spontaneity and effort, i tend to side with the former (and part of the reason is my laziness!). Just like a forest is spantaneous while a garden is effort. A river is spontaneous while a dam is an effort. What a strain it is to prop a smile with an effort or talk small talk! A spontaneous smile can light up hearts within a mile…

Somehow all this talk of achievement, pushing oneself higher and higher, all that seems futile and waste of time to me. Just let be… the words from the Chopra guided meditation has a powerful effect on me.

No, this is not about lying down and decaying, but not constantly striving for something. Instead, just be. It is a great experience, i have realised.

Water is running out. So also fuel and minerals. Species getting extinct. Crop yields dipping. Population exploding… There was a time I would get agitated by all this, and quite recently. Why aren’t people realising we are on the wrong track? Why are they not doing anything about it? I slept little imagining the wounds we are inflicting on the beautiful planet.

Something happened. I stopped fretting. Do what I can, i will. I will inform people around me. But if they do not do anything, I will simply accept it. There is an order beyond our grasp, our efforts. Somethings simply will have to happen. Somethings can’t be avoided simply by effort. Just let it all be.

All a part of this wonderful experience of life.


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